The committee of the Longos Cultural Club "Lord Byron" welcomes you to our home page which follows two main goals: on the one hand, it is meant to close a gap in the communication with the citizens, on the other it provides reliable and immediate information concerning the club's general activity and its cultural identity, made obvious by a broad variety of performances and events where we all take part.

Our home page endeavours to become the means to improve and widen the initial goals of our club's founders. It is meant to become known and available to everyone, just like a page from the history book of our place, which defiantly denies to go out of date.



This internet site was put together by a group of people who share a love for this beautiful village and gladly collected interesting background to guide you on your journey in getting to know our village of Longos - Longos, together with all the other districts of the County of Sympolitia, make up the real jewel, the pice de rsistance of the Corinthian Gulf.

This internet site bears the fruits of labour of the Managing-Committee of Longos Cultural Society (F.O.L.) and its members who strive in their efforts to support further development and to maintain and enhance the uniqueness and history of our village.

The Managing-Committee of Longos Cultural Society (F.O.L.) dedicate this brochure as a piece of precious recollection to honour and provide continuity to the work of the Societys founders who, urged on by their love of the village, signed the first charter on 13 April,1924, establishing the Cultural Society "Lord Byron" and the "Theatrical Stage Longos".

With a deep awareness of the responsibility we have to the history of Longos (which has been kept alive and been formed in its identity through fishery, farming, trade, craftsmanship, teachers and clergy, scientists, artists, and intellectuals) we would also like to dedicate this brochure to our villagers. To all of us who, in our families, had either a fisherman, a farmer, a craftsman, a teacher, a priest, a scientist, an artist, or a scholar who laboured in their endeavours to achieve further development, welfare and progress.


The various events throughout the years have been in keeping with the customs and practices, with the traditions of our village, for which our Cultural Societys aim is to act as custodian to these little treasures and carry them on for future generations. Every year the County of Egio, in cooperation with the "DIKEPA" (Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Aigialia) and Longos Cultural Society, organize a variety of cultural events, such as music evenings, plays, puppet theatres (Karagiosi) and much more for everyones entertainment.

Enjoy yourself at the Carnival-festival or at the Easter celebrations on Easter Monday at the village green. Take pleasure in watching the traditional dances performed by the Cultural Societys dancing group and let dancers, young and old, take you on a journey to different regions of our homeland.


What you should by no means miss is:
      - watching the sun rise over the horizon
      - taking a moonlight walk along the coast
Endless like the sea ...
      ... the love for our village
and like a light summer breeze ...
      ... our countless best wishes
for a pleasant stay to all our visitors
      who are always welcome.

The Managing-Committee of Longos Cultural Society:

• Mrs MARIA DOUROU-SOLLBACH (treasurer),
   and • Mr IEROTHEOS MOURIKIS (members).


(last update: 04/2024)


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